AuthorsYearsort descendingTitle
R. L. McGregorSubmittedPanicum capillare L. var. barbipulvinatum (Nash) comb.nov
C. C. MezSubmittedGrass Manuscript for Engler's Pflanzenreich
M. C. de FroidevilleSubmittedList of grasses in Herbarium Bogoriense
M. C. de FroidevilleSubmittedAristida in Flora Malesiana
J. K. MortonSubmittedThe role of polyploidy in the evolution of a tropical flora
S. A. NevskiSubmittedOn the taxonomy of the tribe Hordeeae
L. R. ParodiSubmittedRevision de las Gramineas argentinas del genero Sporobolus
A. PatonSubmittedParaphyly, taxon recognition and the justification for Linnean classification. Seconding the Motion: This house believes that Linnean Classification without paraphyly is nonsensical
W. R. PhilipsonSubmittedA grass with spiral phyllotaxis Micraira subulifolia
S. A. RenvoizeSubmittedTanner Grass
S. A. Renvoize, Clayton W. D.SubmittedClassification and evolution of the grasses
S. A. Renvoize, Cross R.SubmittedPhotosynthesis in Grasses
Rominger, J. M.SubmittedSetaria
J. SchusterSubmittedUber die morphologie der Grasblute
C. SkottsbergSubmittedThe phanerogams of Juan Fernadez Islands
S. Smith-WhiteSubmittedCytological evolution in the Australian flora
T. R. Soderstrom, Calderon C. E.SubmittedCutains for this bamboo?
O. StapfSubmittedGramineae in Flora of Tropical Africa, ed D.Prain
S. J. GardnerSubmittedFossil grasses
G. Stebbins, L.SubmittedPolyploidy in plants: Unsolved problems and prospects
L. G. StebbinsSubmittedOutline for a new system of classification of the Grasses
F. TurnerSubmittedDescription of a new Australian grass
J. F. VeldkampSubmittedAristida for Flora Malesiana
T. YabunoSubmittedCytological relationship between the two Afican perennial hexaploid strains of Echinochloa stagnina (Retz.)Beauv


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