Revision of Published Grass Illustrations and Images – from Wed, 2014-03-19 12:44

B.K.Simon, Y. Alfonso & D.V. Healy. April 2014

This is the second list of published illustrations (the first was in GrassWorld Scratchpads 1, 2010) and images extracted from the GrassWorld database.  It comprises most of the figures from the grass literature that I have been able to access, but does not include earlier illustrations listed in Index Londinensis. In cases where I have not been able to find illustrations of figures or plates, due to not having access to some literature, I have noted these as "No illustration found (BKS)".  Hopefully these gaps will be filled, by future collaborators to GrassWorld, where illustrations or plates are known. 

Names follow the classification recently placed on GrassWorld and where users are familiar with different names these can  be cross-referenced using TROPICOS online or the Kew synonymy access database downloadable from GrassBase

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