Core research interests

phylogenetic systematics • origin and maintenance of species boundaries • evolution and functional significance of plant traits, especially relating to resource acquisition • radiation of the Cape flora • community assembly and species coexistence • monographic research

Ehrharta, Danthonieae (Poaceae) • Schoeneae, especially Tetraria (Cyperaceae) • Jamesbrittenia (Scrophulariaceae) • Thesium (Santalaceae)

Professional career

1989-1992     BSc (Hons), Cape Town
1993-1995     MSc, Cape Town
1995     Curatorial Assistant, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
1996-2000     PhD, Cape Town
2000-2001     Postdoctoral fellow, University of Missouri-Saint Louis
2002-2006     Lecturer, University of Cape Town
2007-     Senior lecturer, University of Cape Town
Undergraduate teaching

At undergraduate level, I currently teach modules in vascular and flowering plant diversity, evolutionary ecology and comparative evolutionary methodology. At honours level, I teach a broad range of systematics topics, including species concepts, phylogeny inference, phylogeography and macroevolutionary analysis.

Postgraduate students


Mr Jasper Slingsby (PhD) Project: Patterns of fine-scale coexistence and niche differentiation in Cape graminoids.

Mr Matthew Britton (MSc) Project: Phylogeography of the high altitude sedge Tetraria triangularis (Cyperaceae).

Timothy Moore (MSc): Nutritional niches and the evolution of specialized foraging traits in the genus Thesium (Santalaceae).

Vera Hoffmann (MSc): Disentangling the history of the Cape flora using multiple phylogenetic and geospatial data sets.

Megan Yates (MSc, co-supervisor): The physiological significance of culm structures in fynbos plants.

Simon Power (MSc, co-supervisor): Phosphorus acquisition in fynbos legumes and non-legumes.


Ms Tracey Nowell (PhD, 2008) Project: Speciation pattern and process in Adromischus, Coyledon and Tylecodon (Crassulaceae).

Mrs Margaret Herron (MSc, 2006) Project: Phylogenetics and evolution of Jamesbrittenia (Scrophulariaceae).

Mr Jack Henning (MSc, 2003) Project: Phylogeny and evolution of Melianthus (Melianthaceae).

Postgraduate fellows


Mr Yanis Bouchenak-Khelladi (PhD) Project: C4 grass diversification: why, when and where?


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