Checklists of World Grasses

The first check-list is a list of currently accepted GrassWorld species with authors,  place of publication and TDWG Level 1 Distributions  - EUROPE, AFRICA,TEMPERATE ASIA,TROPICAL ASIA, AUSTRALASIA, PACIFIC, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, ANTARCTIC.  Subfamily and Tribe Classification follow GPWG and subsequent grass phylogenetic literature.

The grass species of each Continental Region follow, with TDWG Level 3 Distributions indicated. Distributional information has been gleaned from the literature, the Kew SYNON access database and TROPICOS. It is also possible to provide a list of grasses of each country of the world, and TDWG Level 4 regions of the larger countries (Russia, China, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Australia, South Africa) where this information is available.

Feedback from users would be much appreciated in cases where information is noted to be incorrect or where different distributional information from that given in this check-list is known. Exchange of such information can be placed in the Forums section of the GrassWorld Scratchpad.

At this stage there is no indication which species are native and naturalized to each continental region, but it is anticipated that future versions will include this.

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